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Calypso Michelet’s costumes are excellent, providing a clear sense of period and personality for the four distinctively different women.

Berkshire on Stage

Cadillac Crew by Tori Sampson

WAM Theater

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[...] the costuming is perfect. This writer's late mother, a professional theater costumer, believed that the costume should tell the audience who the character is the moment that they walk on stage.

Calypso Michelet's designs do this perfectly.

The Triangle Review

Mlima's Tale by Lynn Nottage

Burning Coal Theater Company

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As a Set and Costume designer, Calypso's artistic abilities are not only exemplary but her unique sensibility has also led her to uncover the depths of complex modern and contemporary texts as well as the Classics.

Claire de Liso,

Theater and Film designer

The set by Calypso Michelet and Anna Labykina has one wall covered in a jungle wallpaper which gives the play a very otherworldly quality. In Michelet’s clever costume design, one of the men’s outfits that Fauna wore adorns a chair throughout the play almost as her stand-in. 

Theater scene

Fauna by Romina Paula

Torn Page (NYC)

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