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The Last 5 Years

A musical by Jason Robert Brown

"While Jamie and Cathy may not know what this whirlwind of love and joy and celebration (as well as hurt, deceit, and misogyny) all adds up to, the audience remembers them, bearing witness to the good, the bad, and the ugly of a five-year relationship. Perhaps our role in piecing it back together inspires us to dig through the scrapbook of our own past loves, heartbreaks, and first kisses.”

Ahsley Teague, Director

Kirby Theater - Amherst College (MA)

October 2021


Ashley Teague

​​Set Design:

Calypso Michelet

Lightning Design:

Kathy Couch

Costume Design:

Lorelei Dietz

Music Director:

Keiji Ishiguri

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